Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

            Westport Community to be Given 22 Acres of Open Space

As a Result of Partrick Wetlands Settlement


-- Development Drastically Scaled Down--


WESTPORT, Conn., November 09, 2005 -- The Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund (PWPF) today announced it has reached agreement with ARS Partners on the terms of a potential settlement, which includes the donation of 22 acres of open space to the non-profit community group.

Through the settlement, the 55-acre parcel known as the Partrick Wetlands and owned by ARS Partners, a mix of uplands and environmentally sensitive wetlands, will be split into two sections.  The southern portion, including Poplar Plains Brook, will be donated to the PWPF and be preserved in perpetuity by the community as undeveloped open space.  ARS Partners will build 13 houses, a 58 percent reduction from the initial proposal of 31 homes.  All houses in the cluster will be located more than 400 feet from any existing homes in the neighborhood.    


The development will be served by a private, single-purpose sewer line designed solely for the 13 houses.  This “sprawlless” sewer line will be sized to inhibit expansion and be controlled in part by the local community.

“This outcome is the direct result of 5 years of neighborhood commitment and dedication to save this once-troubled land. The Partrick Wetlands will be protected,” said Matthew Mandell, Director of the Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund.  “Great things are possible when a community works together,” said Sean Timmins, Co-director. “We want to thank the people of Westport, especially Arthur and Claudia Cohen, and the surrounding communities for helping us to preserve the character of this region.”

The PWPF now begins Phase II of its mission, which is to steward and maintain the 22-acre wetlands.  The group has initiated a search for a land trust or nature conservancy that will partner with it to protect this open space in perpetuity. 


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