Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community



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The PWPF Board Supporting Settlement
Timmins, Mandell & Aber
(photo by Ron Malone, thanks Ron)

Victory for open space champions - January 2007
Ceremony Honors Partrick Wetlands Preservation
Rainy Day Wetlands Dedication
Neighbors, officials celebrate Partrick land donation

Phase II of Mission Begins - Steward for land and Funds Sought January 2006

Partick an Example for the Region December 2005

Settlement Finalized

Settlement a Win Win

Farrell Announces Settlement - November 2005

Setback for ARS by Norwalk Decision Article touts residents' fight

Sewer Issue Killed October 2004

Mayor Says Sewer Approval Invalid

Farrell Calls for Joint Westport and Norwalk Meeting with eye to Rescind the Sewer

Westport WPCA to Review Sewer Extension Approval
   Been asked to rescind it

DEP: Don't extend sewers to Partrick wetlands

Sewer Extension is in question due to DEP August 2004

DEP Says Sewer Conflicts with Westport's Plans

ARS Files, Neighbors ready
   Same Rehashed Plan

ARS Refiles July 2004
Defies P&Z and Sewer is Still a Question

Westport and Norwalk Residents wary of sewer and ARS Project

Norwalk Planning Commission hears Residents say they don't want the sewer
Norwalk Master Plan panel sought input

Task Force Hears Residents' Views on Sewer - It Stinks.
Report to be given to Mayor and WPCA later this year.

Westport to Sewer Saugatuck Shores, but cautions againts Y and Wetlands April 2004

Recind the Sewer Approval - Norwalk's Common Council President Speaks out

Westport Pulls Plug on Saugatuck Shores Sewage to Norwalk

Norwalk questions Westport's sewer connection request

Norwalk Cool to taking Westport sewage
(If not Saugatuk, then why allow the Newtown extension)

Westport Treatment Plant Proposal Heard (doesn't mean sewers should extend all over)

Task Force Hears First Concerns; Norwalk, Westport & Wilton Planners speak

Task Force to Meet

Blue Ribbon Panel Hears Concerns from Mayor and Residents November 2003

Zullo Threatens 23 houses on White Barn Property at first Task Force meeting

Norwalk Mayor Forms Task Force

ARS Penned anonymous letter, mistaken to have come from Mayor Knopp
   (the right thing to do was to have signed it, they didn't)

Sewer to be Reviewed

ARS Flip Flops on Paying for Testing
   They want a cheaper one, and even less thorough

P&Z Staff Takes Turned Down Testing to ARS
   ARS Agrees to Pay $33K, but this test is not comprehensive.

Board of Finance Turns Down $33K Testing
   Developer should Pay & Study not good

Norwalk Mayor Forms Cranbury Task Force September 2003
   Will study over-developement and Newtown Sewer Extension as it relates to Norwalk and Westport
      This is Regional Cooperation

Sewer being reviewed by Norwalk
   Westport Paper Picks up on it.

Denial w/o Prejudice Pondered
   There was no passive approval - one commissioner speaks up

Norwalk Mayor to Review Sewer Approval
   The sewer is the key to all development of the wetlands

Neighbors Appeal P&Z Decision
   Denial should have been with Prejudice

ARS Appeals Zoning Commission Denial

P&Z Denies ARS Plan August 2003
   Environmental issues cited, testing needed

P&Z Hints at Denial of ARS Plan
   Denial without prejudice so they can test

Three members of the PWPF run for the P&Z Commission (new release)
   True empowerment of the people to prevent over development

Izzo Says Sell Jaeger and Buy Partrick Wetlands
   Farrell intrigued???

Jaerger Property and Parking lots cost too much
   Sell it and buy Partrick

P&Z Closes Hearing
   Farrell asks Commission to Test the Land

Town Attorney Suggests more Testing of the Land
   Independent Third Party Needed

Bernhard, Freedman join opponents of Partrick proposal May 2003
   State Rep and State Senator step up the pressure

Arsenic, Coyotes, Sewers and Traffic
   Public comes out in droves in opposition

P&Z Dept. Takes Another Look at ARS Proposal
   The planned development of 22 homes could be in jeopardy

P&Z Staff adopts new road designation for Partrick Road
   precluding approval of the proposed development off of this country road. (Press Release)

Opponents have their say in P&Z
   Multi Person Presentation seeking denial of development

Critics of Plan come out in Force May 2003
   Filled the Auditorium with Opposition

State Rep. Ken Bernhard Joins Fight Against Large Development
   Believes the plan is too intensive for the site

PWPF Pickets William Pitt Realestate
   Hearings are coming up, and things are heating up

Partrick Wetlands Group Questions Bloom's Clout
   Town Attorney making policy?

Sewer Foes Criticize Farrell
   Westport residents let the 1st Selectman feel their ire

Neighbors Ready for P&Z Fight
   Public Health, Well Water, Traffic, Character of Neighborhood, Open Space and more....

Sewer Approved 2-1, but No Ringing Endorsement February 2003
   Based on poor regulations, the sewer is approved w/o looking at health or environment

Sewer Approved 2-1, Another article

Sewer Line Stalled
   No Sewer, no development. There is no benefit to this sewer

Neighbors Stage Protest of Proposed Housing Plan
November 2002    It was cold and still they came to protect the land and their community.

Conservation Commission Challenges ARS Presenters and might ban blasting and hopefully more
   Con Com "smarter now" because the public educated them

What's causing the pollution? Hearing devoted to problems on site.
   Neighbors band together and fight proposed development. Test wells show problems.

We are worried about what's on the land
   Old P&Z Memo reveal real issues with the site.

P&Z Denies "No Cluster Buffer," no relief for the community.
   The project will still be out of character and will harm property values

P&Z Discusses Open Space Zone Proposal
   Discusses the reasons the commission is split.

Neighbors Still Fear F.D. Rich House Plan
   Contamination from the old mining operation comes to a head.

Increased Arsenic and Manganese found in local wells, have your well tested.
   Hopefully there is no problem, but we want to be sure.

P&Z in Work Session on the "No Cluster Buffer" text amendment are split. Decision Pending.
   Analysis of split and a letter to the editor countering some arguments.

DEP called in to investigate contamination
   Maybe now we will get to the bottom of this.

Neighbors Rally Against Developers June 2002
   The OSRD "No cluster buffer" comes before the P&Z commission, a small discussion of etiquette too boot.

Make a Difference day, to clean up Partrick Road was a success. Many neighbors turned out. And a cache of jewelry was found, the police are investigating.

Getting our ducks in order