Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Planning & Zoning
the Protection of all our Communities

Defied P&Z Resolution and tested land themselves
Same plan - Abuses Wetlands and Communities
(Read PWPF Press Release)

Norwalk is Reviewing the Sewer
Without the sewer ARS cannot go forward with current plan

P&Z Denied Project 7-0 in August 2003
This battle won, the war continues

The Planning and Zoning Commission is charged with protecting our community character, our safety and our property values. Their mandate is to save open space, prevent over population, minimize traffic and to preserve Westport as we know it. Make them do just that and not give it all away to developers.

Our petition drive was a great success, over 2200 people asked that the town deny this proposal and protect open space. Thank You Westport!!!

Below are different things to read regarding this issue (some are Adobe PDF files, get the reader click here)

Development Site Map

   P&Z Zoning Regs for the OSRD (pdf) (the zone of the development)
   The entire P&Z Regulations
      Read about special permitting and more. Development is a crap shoot with this.

Speeches & Arguments against the development:

Presentation in opposition to 22 House Cluster Development on the Partrick Wetlands May 22. (Powerpoints in HTML for latest browsers. More presentations to come)

No Cluster Buffer Zone Text Amendment (November 2002)
   Original Argument for the "No Cluster Buffer," text change to the OSRD zone.
   Summation Argument for the "No Cluster Buffer," text change to the OSRD zone.

The Decision
   Note: These decisions have no bearing on the rest of the application's conformity or approval with regard to the regulations. If environmental concerns are appeased then ARS needs to file a new application and everything is open for discussion again.

   7-0 Denial w/o Prejudice, Excavation and Fill
   7-0 Denial w/o Prejudice, Special Permit
   ARS Appeal of Excavation and Fill Denial
   ARS Appeal of Special Permit Denial

Arthur Cohen Appeals - Should have been with Prejudice
Partrick Wetlands Members appeal as well - Zoning regs not considered and to protect future full review

   ARS Files, Neighbors ready
      Same Rehashed Plan
   ARS Refiles
      Defies P&Z and Sewer is Still a Question
   Westport and Norwalk Residents wary of sewer, testing for toxins
      Task Force decision needed and Independent study mandated
   ARS Flip Flops on Paying for Testing
      They want a cheaper one, and even less thorough
   P&Z Staff Takes Turned Down Testing to ARS
      ARS Agrees to Pay $33K, but this test is not comprehensive.
   Board of Finance Turns Down $33K Testing
      Developer should Pay & Study not good
   Norwalk Mayor Forms Cranbury Task Force
      Will study over-developement and Newtown Sewer Extension as it relates to Norwalk and Westport
   Sewer being reviewed by Norwalk
      Westport Paper Picks up on it.
   Denial w/o Prejudice Pondered
      There was no passive approval - one commissioner speaks up
   Norwalk Mayor to Review Sewer Approval
      The sewer is the key to all development of the wetlands
   Neighbors Appeal P&Z Decision
      Denial should have been with Prejudice
   ARS Appeals Zoning Commission Denial
   P&Z Denies ARS Plan
      Environmental issues cited, testing needed
   P&Z Hints at Denial of ARS Plan
      Denial without prejudice so they can test
   Izzo Says Sell Jaeger and Buy Partrick Wetlands
      Farrell intrigued???
   Jaerger Property and Parking lots cost too much
      Sell it and buy Partrick
   P&Z Closes Hearing
      Farrell asks Commission to Test the Land
   Town Attorney Suggests more Testing of the Land
      Independent Third Party Needed
   Bernhard, Freedman join opponents of Partrick proposal
      State Rep and State Senator step up the pressure
   Arsenic, Coyotes, Sewers and Traffic
      Public comes out in droves in opposition
   P&Z Dept. Takes Another Look at ARS Proposal
      The planned development of 22 homes could be in jeopardy
   P&Z Staff adopts new road designation for Partrick Road
      precluding approval of the proposed development off of this country road. (Press Release)
   Opponents have their say in P&Z
   Critics of Plan come out in Force
   State Rep. Ken Bernhard Joins Fight Against Large Development
   PWPF Pickets William Pitt Realestate Hearings are coming up, and things are heating up
   Partrick Wetlands Group Questions Bloom's Clout Town Attorney making policy?
   Sewer Foes Criticize Farrell
   Neighbors Ready for P&Z Fight
   Neighbors Stage Protest of Proposed Housing Plan
      It was cold and still they came to protect the land and their community.
   P&Z Denies "No Cluster Buffer," no relief for the community.
      The project will still be out of character and will harm property values
   P&Z Discusses Open Space Zone Proposal
   P&Z in Work Session on the "No Cluster Buffer" text amendment are split. Decision Pending.
   Neighbors Rally Against Developers

Letters to the Editor:
   Norwalk Does not need the Sewer Extension
   Over Development Affects both Norwalk and Westport
   Traffic must be looked at Globally
   Protect us from our Protectors (Town Attorney seems to support development)
   No Passive Approval Given
   Denial, Thanks for Listening
   P&Z Should Deny ARS Application - Stop worrying about the courts
   Good, Test, But it's Not the Only Issue
   Urges P&Z to do the Right Thing
   In Good Faith - Testing the land is right
   Halt Developement - The White Barns adds to the attack
   Open Letter - Test the Land
   Whose the Victim here? - It's not ARS
   Impressed by Support, the public came out
   Seeking Leadership, P&Z please Lead
   Flushing out the Issues, Unanswered questions about the sewer and the 8-24 Request
   Test the Soil and Protect the Aquifer and the Residents
   Partrick Hearings Continue June 12 (22 houses on 9 acres is the issue)
   Well Water is not the only Health Issue
   Partrick Issue has become a Political Movement
   Aquifer Needs Protection
   Don't Mock the Petition Larry
   P&Z is the People's Venue on May 22
   No Reason to Laud ARS
   ARS has No Ringing Endorsement going into P&Z
   Westport's Largest Remaining Open Space (56 acres) Is In Trouble
   Who is Protecting the Citizens? One Opinion is Shaping Policy
   Yes P&Z, You should Review the Prior Decisions and use Outside Consultants
   Wake up Westporters this affects you all
   Life long resident says development is a bad idea
   P&Z Should Approve the OSRD Text Change and Stand up for what is Right

By going to the Planning and Zoning office you can see the plans submitted in their entirety. Take a moment and take a look, ask questions of the staff, it will give you a full understanding of what is about to happen to our community.