Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Public Opinion

(protest when P&Z toured the property)

Many people have written letters to the local papers expressing their opinions on this very important issue. Read them and send in your own to support the cause. And believe me the two commissions' issues are completely interwoven so read them all.

Email Addresses of the Editors:
Editor Westport News -
Editor Westport MinuteMan -
Editor Norwalk Hour
Editor Norwalk Advocate

Letters to the Editor Concerning P&Z and the Sewer aspect of this issue:
   Norwalk wise in dealing with sewer line plan - Norwalk Hour Editorial
   Fear of Litigation Should Not Dictate Policy
   Norwalk Meet with Westport to Rescind - Says Norwalk Resisdent
   WPCA Should Review Partrick
   DEP says the Sewer Should Not be There A Full Analysis
   Partick on the Radar - Sewer and other issues must be decided first
   Let Logic Prevail - Stop the Sewer Extension
   Westport Says Northwestern Westport Does Not Need Sewers
   Norwalk Hour says don't extend sewers to Westport
   Recind the Sewer Approval - Norwalk's Common Council President Speaks out
   Conservation subdivisions are not a solution
   Smart Growth ,Regional Cooperation,Open Space-Elected Officials speak out
   Now is the Time to Get Involved - Attend the Blue Ribbon Panel Hearing
   Standford Advocate Editorial Outlines the issues
   Two groups join to fight developer and sewer
   Westport P&Z, you're invited to meet with Norwalk to discuss overdevelopment
   Norwalk Does not need the Sewer Extension
   Over Development Affects both Norwalk and Westport
   Traffic must be looked at Globally
   Protect us from our Protectors (Town Attorney seems to support development)
   No Passive Approval Given
   Denial, Thanks for Listening
   P&Z Should Deny ARS Application - Stop worrying about the courts
   Good, Test, But it's Not the Only Issue
   Urges P&Z to do the Right Thing
   In Good Faith - Testing the land is right
   Halt Developement - The White Barns adds to the attack
   Open Letter - Test the Land
   Whose the Victim here? - It's not ARS
   Impressed by Support, the public came out
   Seeking Leadership, P&Z please Lead
   Flushing out the Issues, Unanswered questions about the sewer and the 8-24 Request
   Test the Soil and Protect the Aquifer and the Residents
   Partrick Hearings Continue June 12 (22 houses on 9 acres is the issue)
   Well Water is not the only Health Issue
   Partrick Issue has become a Political Movement
   Aquifer Needs Protection
   Don't Mock the Petition Larry
   P&Z is the People's Venue on May 22
   No Reason to Laud ARS
   ARS has No Ringing Endorsement going into P&Z
   Westport's Largest Remaining Open Space (56 acres) Is In Trouble
   Who is Protecting the Citizens? One Opinion is Shaping Policy
   Yes P&Z, You should Review the Prior Decisions and use Outside Consultants
   Wake up Westporters this affects you all
   Life long resident says development is a bad idea
   P&Z Should Approve the OSRD Text Change and Stand up for what is Right

Letters to the Editor Concerning Water Pollution Control Authority aspect of this issue::
   Wake up Westporters this affects you all
   WPCA Regs Cover Public Health - Deny the Sewer
   Stop the Sewer, The Town should protect us

Letters to the Editor Concerning Conservation aspect of this issue::
   Wake up Westporters this affects you all
   Let the Whole Recond Speak - Don't Sentence the Wetlands to Death on a Technicality
   Community Losing Faith in the Process
   Conservation Commission Gets a Second Chance
   Contamination is not OK
   Who is Liable for What's been Buried
   Draconian Restrictions Prove Houses Should not be Approved
   Public Water is not the answer
   Priceless!!! Are Our Wetlands are Priceless.
   Protect our Water & our Community
   The Houses approved in 1991 are not the same
   The Aquifer is in Jeopardy & The Neighbors won't back off.
   Conservation members being bullied by a controlling few
   100' setback over the aquifer is being ignored

Speak up I can't hear you.