Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Clustered Housing is Out of Character

It is quite a simple concept character of neighborhood; to keep things essentially homogeneous and similar in size and space, with transitions being done gradually.

A neighborhood made up of one acre and two acre properties suddenly having a cluster development (4 houses per acre) thrust upon it, is out of character. The P&Z regulations are pretty clear, even in the OSRD zone regulations, that protection of the character of neighborhood is a priority. The regulations go even further to make sure size of homes, height of homes and even style are to be considered to make sure things are compatible.

While some might think this is the ultimate of NIMBY (not in my back yard) arguments, allowing clusters in low density residential neighborhoods just sets a precedent for the next piece of land or neighborhood to be over developed. Westport is already over developed and if we are to keep the rural New England character that we all love, then making sure such intrusions on character and neighborhoods are kept to a minimum.

The current proposal is for 22 houses, to built on 9 acres of land within the wetlands. They will all be over 4200 square feet in size with some of the houses only 25 feet apart. This compares to the AAA zone adjacent to it where the houses are on two acre lots and are over 100 feet apart at a minimum.

This development is too large and too intrusive and needs to be readjusted to suit the community for which it is intended.