-- Changing Name and Adjusting Focus --

Westport CT - January 8, 2008 - Members of the Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund (PWPF) gathered on the property they saved to mark the one year anniversary of its donation and dedication as permanent open space.

"The preservation of the Partrick Wetlands is done." said PWPF Director Matthew Mandell. "We worked hard for 5 years, received the land last year from ARS Partners and transferred stewardship seamlessly to Earthplace: The Nature Discovery Center. The Partrick Wetlands are in good hands and safe for all time."

The 22 acre Partrick Wetlands Open Space Preserve is open to the public with trails and informational kiosks to be built this coming spring and summer. Recently Earthplace successfully installed a pond leveling system at a beaver damn on Poplar Plains brook to allow water to flow through without disrupting the natural habitat.

Support for the Partrick organization remains strong with continued contributions and requests to join the e-mail list. Mandell and Co-director Sean Timmins, both members of Westport's Representative Town Meeting and both executive trustees of Earthplace realized their continued leadership was being sought.

"It was clear from all the meetings for the Town Plan, that residents want the character of our communities protected and open space preserved," said Timmins.

The two announced that the organization will officially change its name to the Partrick Open Space Alliance (POSA) and focus on synergies with like minded organizations to promote true "Smart Growth" initiatives, protection of residential neighborhoods and the saving of open space and environmentally sensitive lands.

"For almost 7 years Sean and I have worked with the greater Westport community to not only save the Wetlands, but to forge new alliances and educate those looking to learn about the prevention of sprawl, the promotion of environmental advocacy and how grass roots groups can make a positive change," said Mandell. "Our plan is to continue this effort."

For information about the Partrick Open Space Alliance visit their website at PWPF / POSA is a 501(c)3 tax deductible non profit organization.

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