Governor Rell Meets with PWPF
DEP Commissioner Goes on a Tour

Matthew Mandell, Gov. M. Jodi Rell, Sean Timmins, Sen. Judi Freedman

Press Release

Monday November 21, 2005

Event occurred on Thursday November 17th.

Westport - After presenting the Save Cranbury Association of Norwalk a DEP Open Space grant towards the purchase of the 18 acre White Barn Theatre property at a ceremony held on that site, Governor M. Jodi Rell met with Sen. Judith Freedman and Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund Directors Matthew Mandell and Sean Timmins to discuss the recent securing of 22 acres of open space land (aka the Partrick Wetlands) in Westport.

Governor Rell was pleased to hear the details and thanked the two for “preserving open space in Connecticut. You and your entire community should be commended.” She went on to say that “Connecticut has a goal of achieving 21% of our land as preserved open space by 2023, we are 70% towards that goal, your efforts have just added to that.”

DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy with Sean Timmins and Matthew Mandell

Upon leaving the ceremony Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Gina McCarthy and staff were taken for a tour of the newly protected Partrick Wetlands by members of the neighborhood non profit organization.

“You guys are awesome!” Commissioner McCarthy said, “this is an incredible piece of property you have saved. It is wonderful to see what a community can do together.”

Matthew Mandell explained that “saving the land was only phase I of the organization’s plan, Phase II will be finding a Land Trust or Nature Conservancy to partner with the PWPF to maintain the land into the future.”

Ms. McCarthy offered her personal commitment to assist the PWPF in its pursuit to find a permanent steward for the Partrick Wetlands. “The DEP recognizes the complexity and dedication it takes to secure open space. We are there to support these efforts.”

A walk in the Wetlands

“Saving these two great properties (White Barn and Partrick Wetlands) in the same week is quite an accomplishment,” said Sean Timmins. “Both organizations (PWPF and SCA) have worked together for a long time on each other’s issues. We have clearly demonstrated the potential of grassroots success through regional collaboration.”

Note - 2 acres of the White Barn Property is in Westport.