Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Planning & Zoning

Presentation made by the Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund May 22.

Presentation in opposition to 22 House Cluster Development on the Partrick Wetlands May 22. (Powerpoints in HTML for latest browsers.)

Synopsis of the arguements so far

Presenter: Chet Harlow
   Group Introduction
   Submitted - Petition with over 2100 Signatures, 176 Letters to the Town
   and 28 Published Letters to the Editor

Presenter: Mark Van Summern
   OSRD Zone Issues, Road Issues

Presenter: Jamie Cochrane
   Partrick & Crawford Road (Safety Traffic and Congestion) --- Powerpoint Presentation

Presenter: David Spear, P.E., Hired Traffic Expert
   Analysis of Traffic and Roads (available upon request)

Presenter: Helen Block
   Open Space --- Powerpoint Presentation (single image)

Presenter: Sean Timmins
   Wells and Public Health

Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Greenwald
   Health and a Demand for Testing of the Land

Presenter: Jeff Block
   Tax Ramifications --- Powerpoint Presentation (single image)

Presenter: Matthew Mandell
   Character of Neighborhood --- Powerpoint Presentation
   No Usable Open Space --- Powerpoint Presentation
   Over Crowding and Unenforceable Deed Restrictions --- Powerpoint Presentation
   Sewer Sprawl --- Powerpoint Presentation

Presenter: Brian Miller, AICP, PP, Hired Planning Expert
   Analysis of Proposed Development (available upon request)

No Cluster Buffer Zone Text Amendment (November 2002)
   Original Argument for the "No Cluster Buffer," text change to the OSRD zone.
   Summation Argument for the "No Cluster Buffer," text change to the OSRD zone.