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Water Pollution Control Authority
Breaking News - Norwalk is Reviewing the Sewer

In a very thin decision, based on poorly written regulations they voted 2-1 to approve the sewer. John Izzo voted no, Carl Leaman with head down and saying somberly, "I am voting yes, whether I like it or not." Diane Farrel voted yes, but said this was not an endorsement.

The Town Attorney instructed them that, water pollution, public safety and the environment was not within their jurisdiction. Mr. Leaman was clearly torn, obviously not happy about the proposal, but feeling he had no choice. Two other attorneys for the public disagreed with Mr. Bloom and submitted briefs, but the two Selectman stayed with Bloom, Mr. Izzo chose not to.


The Water Pollution Control Authority, which is a subset of the Westport Board of Selectmen has a decisiom pending before them that essentially decided the fate of the Partrick Wetlands and the ongoing health of Westport residents.

Part of this beautiful wetland was a former gravel mine and dump for the town. Unknown amounts of contaminants lie beneath the surface. Currently the land is stable and does not pose an immediate threat. However any disturbance of the ground, rock and soil through excavation and blasting could release harmful substances into the groundwater damaging the wetlands, the aquifer below it and our drinking water.

The OSRD (Open Space Residential District) zone which governs the property mandates sewer service for any housing. A private sewer extension from Norwalk has been proposed to run up Newtown Turnpike turn into the property, rip across the wetland habitat, go under Poplar Brook, across more of the property and then down Partrick road. The project is immense. The installation area of this sewer contributes more than 6,500,000 gallons of rain water to the aquifer annually.

The sewer will serve only the 22 clustered houses proposed by ARS and will not have any benefit to Westport citizens. The only thing it will do is jeopardize our drinking water, our wetlands and our open space.

The WPCA has to determine all the facts in the situation, especially the ones the Conservation Commission missed. The physical installation of the sewer is just part of it, another big question is, who will be responsible if it fails and raw sewage pollutes the wetlands and our aquifer. This new home owner association? The Town? Can you spell D-i-s-a-s-t-e-r? Both environmentally and economically.

Diane Farrell, Carl Leaman and John Izzo hold the fate of our open space, our wetlands and our health in their hands. Help them make the right decision.

Email them - click here to email all the members

Come to the hearing and hear the issues, Wednesday February 26, 7pm, Westport Town Hall.

Together we can stop this injustice. Together we can stop overdevelopment of Westport and protect what little open space we have left. Together we can protect our health, our water and the wetlands.


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